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We provide all major services in water purification such as technical consultancy, engineering and procurement, construction and maintenance of water treatment systems

Major Services

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Domestic Water Purifiers

Medio deal with all type of domestic water purifiers and filter. We also provide AMC, Regular services, Preventive maintenance and breakdown services for all branded water purifiers and filters

All type of Spares such as RO membrane, inline sediment filters, inline carbon filters, UF membranes, Alkaline filters, Mineral cartridges, UV Lamps, booster pumps, SMPS, Solenoid valves for water purifiers are available at best price.

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Service of Commercial RO Plant

We provide sales, service, technical support, spare parts for all type of commercial and industrial RO System. RO plants mainly using in commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, food and beverage industries, hostels, hospitals etc. So, prompt service and preventive maintenance required to reduce down time.

Medio also supply consumable chemicals such as anti scalants, chlorine, alum etc. All branded reverse osmosis membrane, UF cartages, Control panels, meters, membrane housing, press regauges are available at best price

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Research and Development

Medio have strong team of young engineers who passionate about design and development of water purification and filtration products. Our people and facilities are capable to handle any special product design or customization, they are also professionals in structural design, software and hardware development etc.

Our R&D team is experts in product customization with respect to customers source water condition, treated water quality, target user volume and reducing operational costs, automation of existing treatment plants etc.

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Media Refilling And AMC

We provide media refilling of existing commercial or industrial water filter plant, offer reasonable AMC Rate. High Quality fine sand, cores sand, silex, pebbles, activated carbon, iron removal media, resins are refill at the best rates.

Medio also provide comprehensive and non comprehensive annual maintenance packages of water filters of any size, water quality test reports for every month is available with premium plans

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Sourcing and Trading

We source quality products and spares from reputed suppliers and trading worldwide. Mainly we deal with all type of HVAC components and duct fabrication accessories including SS clips and clamps, corners for ducts, flanges, all type of gaskets, UV disinfection systems, fire dampers etc

As India is one of the largest producer of steel and other metals, we source high quality steel and trade at the best price.