Water filter SF1248STD


  • Vessel size: 1248 (size 12D 48H inches)
  • Vessel make: Pentair
  • Multiport valve: Initiative/ 25NB
  • Filtration media: Multi grade high silica sand
  • Remove sediment suspended particles and colour.
  • 5- Year limited Warranty
  • No risk guarantee- 14 days 100% refund eligibility.
  • Service life upto 15 years
  • Backwash, rinse and filter mode
  • Semi-automatic back wash system
  • Weather proof poly glass vessel.

These are highly reliable inline water filtration systems. Units consist of corrosion resistant, high burst resistant FRP or polyglass pressure vessels filled with adequate media depending up on the water to be treated. A durable multiport valve in every unit makes hazzle free back-wash option ensuring long service life and consistent water quality. Multigrade sand filter ensures removal of particulate suspended solids from source water. The graded sand allows lower pressure drop and and high dirt holding capacity.