Kent Grand Plus RO+UV


  • Make/ Model: Kent/ Grand plus
  • Purification production rate: 20 Ltr/hr.
  • Storage capacity: 9Ltr
  • Number of purification stages: 4 stages
  • Membrane Type: Thin film composite RO
  • Zero water wastage
  • Booster pump voltage: 24V DC
  • ABS Food grade plastic construction
  • Installation: Wall mounting/counter top.

KENT Grand+ is the most trusted and largest selling RO Water Purifier with KENT’s Mineral ROTM technology to provide 100% pure and mineral-rich purified water. Equipped with Zero Water Wastage Technology, this purifier ensures that no drop of water is wasted during purification process. Best suited for Indian homes and offices, this purifier is ideal for purification of brackish/tap/municipal corporation water supply.